Product Publishing Functionality

Be sure to keep your store on point like up to date so you’ll never lose your customers. Keep your products up to date. By keeping your store organized you will be able to edit and delete the products easily without hosh-posh of many other things that comes in between of cleaning and what’s important. Try to keep your store organsied and attractive enough that your customers won’t speak at negative poles.

Product Review Functionality

Product reviews is the most important part when it comes to the hype of business. Your business gets the improvement. Reviews; where your customers will tell you about your products that if they are worth using or not. How much they can rely on your products, whether they are awesome and incredible or not. This will ultimately helps you out in reaching good quality stuff and grab your mistakes to not present them again.

Newsletter Sign-up Functionality

Your daily consumers or customers always keep their eyes on your store. For instance, what is about to come and how many deals you’re presenting at the moment. Also, they have a know-how regarding your amazing promotions and new arrivals at the store just by signing up to receive newsletter. So, be aware in providing them the offshore that they would want to back and shop.

Search Functionality

Consist of a fully functional search bar on your Shopif wordpress website; well, this will help you in providing the easy search or browse through your online store as amusing as your much loved coco cone or sundae ice cream.

Publishing Content Functionality

If you are having an online store and want to manage your online pages then go for shopifywordpress website. Where you will be able to do the editing, adding, and deleting the pages in any way you desire and the most important “At anytime you want.”

Comment Functionality

Your shopifywordpress website has an abiklity to include a useful comment box where your customers share their queries and complains (if they experience any). Also, they have a chance to tell you how much they admire your store.


A = No, Shopify has not supported by IE6.
A = No, Shopifywordpress website does not support user accounts at this moment.
Q = Zetechsoft would, forever and a day, need to take good care of the Shopify installations for you because this raised area only allows the theme to be worked from the genuine and authentic hosting server.
A = The implementation packages we provide are based on standards. Whatever is included in our packages is pretty standardized. For instance we make essential templates based on your requirements and desires. You will be given a theme that will give a mirror looks same as your PSDs. In case, If any supplementary features are required, don’t feel hesitate but free to send us your requirements based on specifications for our analysis and we will do our finest to convene your needs.